This is an urgent message from the International Horse Plinko League.

We are the organizers for the Horse Plinko sport based out of Helsinki, Finland, and we have recently expanded our operations to Orlando due to its tourism reach, strong equestrian economy, and strong industry talents in hospitality, sports, and cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, horse hacktivists going by “The Horse Liberation Front” are attacking us because they believe that our sport exploits and mistreats their fellow equines (we swear it does not), and are using cyberattacks to disrupt our operations! We have a reason to believe they have already started their attack and began infecting our servers.

Our first Horse Plinko event in Orlando is on April 25th on UCF campus. We are on the search for new cyber talent and need your help to defend the network - keeping our critical services online, evicting Horse Liberation Front hackers, and protecting against future attacks. We want our first Florida event to run well, after all!

Should you accept the challenge, we are accepting applications via the form below: